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Design Your Own  Onesies are made from anti pil polar fleece for warmth & comfort.

Each Onesie is custom-made and takes between one to two weeks to be cut , sewn and delivered(UK).

Please allow longer delivery times approximately  one week for the rest of the world.

In order that your Onesie fits you correctly, measure your chest with a tape measure.

All our Onesies are a comfort fit (generous) unlike cheaper foreign imports so, if you actually measure 40" around the chest, then order a 40"/medium Onesie. If you order a size above what you actually are, then they will be too big.

Please note that we have a "height" section, so we can ensure we make the Onesie to fit you perfectly (from 5ft to 6ft8").

So, order your  Onesie starting at the top of the list on the right and select each category.

Click on the left side box "Add to Shopping Cart". If you wish to order another Onesie then return to the original menu.

Click on "View Basket & Pay" which will display a summary of all your items.

Fill in the postal details by selecting the country in which you reside. 

Complete the Paypal details and your order is completed!

If you are having any difficulties then email 

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